What is EPM & Economics..

Had a open-book econ’s quiz today.
And my final presentation for EPM.
Yay, i’ve cleared 2 modules and left with 1 Exam paper ..& holiday.
holiday will just be the start of something new(:

Was in clubhouse doing my ppt slides.
Had lunch with them and left for presentation.
Oh gosh, sir said i presented well but my content was not good ): Bad.
I wore my formal wear to school and I felt super uneasy.
And hor, i wear my wedges for the whole day sia. Break record ((:
They still say i’m a FOL. Fat-Office-Lady. Nevermind, i shall just take that as a compliment ((:
Met khai and went dinner with Al, Ho, Loo.
And al suddenly very nice, treat us eat ice-cream =D Happy women.
Okay la, not suddenly nice, is always very nice.

Woah the bus trip home, I just slept all the way (:
Shiokness, and i love the smell of a new bus.

Me and Corrine had were like craving for MOS burger ((:
then we went to the website and downloaded their wallpaper.
Now it’s both my PC & Laptop’s Background .
Chio Lor. It’s pink corour.
Oh no, I’m craving for their milk tea ((:

I need go sleep now ((:
My head is spinning.
Oh ya, tml I can go get my concession replacement already ((:
Yayay we are gng out on friday! ((:


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