nuclear. Bomb!

Everything today is BAD!
except dinner.

I saw this Levis sling bag and it cost 100$.
I wanted to buy this earpiece. One cost 18, another cost 38. I’m not sure which one is should get.
I want to buy a Dark Blue Vans.
I want to buy a shorts.

I seriously think today is my “hiroshima nuclear bomb attack” day.
I’ve just got bombed.

I didn’t had a wink last night. It was 4 am when i figured out how I wanted to do it and completed it. Actually, I had 3 hours to sleep. But I was afraid that I won’t wake up. So i stayed up all night.
Was doing the demo. In the end, mine sucked, TO THE MAX.
And worst of all, I couldn’t answer my Q&A. Thanks, that’s individual marks.

Day by day, I’s loosing all my motivation to go to school.
Maybe the reason, only I will know.

And I really really really miss my girls and the guys.

I’m getting tired of everything.
I’m tired of confirming who’s going, who’s not. And at the end of the day, it was called off.
Even if i were to go on, the mood isn’t there too.

Met Sis & Loo @cwp for dinner.
Might have been the best part of the day.

I’m having a intense headache now.
I know I’m like a kid. When im pissed or angry, I’ll just cry.
Call me childish, I don’t give a damn about it.


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