I’ve been leaving some space inside.

Did the replacement card. 28 dollars fly away (:
Piekia. 2 dollars. (Y)

Today’s revision lecture.
40 minutes and goodbye.
Thanks Mr.Tay

XWZ is removing his braces today.
I’m pretty excited (:
I wonder how will it look like lurh.
And thanks for the accompany yo(:

What I ate today: Half a potato salad, 2 piekia, Soup, 1 mouth of Diam cake.
Time I went home today: 5pm (Earliest day of all since last week) to rush out this shitty ERP.
Sorry loves, I can’t go out with you all )):

Some of the visuals Al took for his IS. To think that even i could be a model. So funny !

I know. Epic face.

Son, Daughter-in-Law, Mum,Sister,Bro-in-Law
Super like one family sia.



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