It’s the people that makes the difference (:

Today night was our Union Networking.
Threw all my assignments which are due on 31 Jan 2010, (which if you realize, just a few hours) and went for out. Felt guilty but at the same time, i was suffocated from all this.
I have been staying in school till wee (which some of my classmates thought I was going meeting for meetings).
But no, I was doing my work. It kinda of motivated me since everyone is like doing their work too.
And all thanks to my classmates too. They’ve been such a sweetheart to like help me ask around and trying to help me. Thou i don’t know how to express how i felt, But i really appreciated it. Thanks guys.

Met ho , loo, jf at ION .I bought a small crumpler. Dad asked me to get myself one, so why not since he’s the one paying. It’s rare that he is so nice. Just only.
And aunt helped me with my trip to KL. She’s really nice to me. Paid for my driving,even fetch me home from school like 11 plus when the next day she have to go to work early. Thank you very much! ((:

Had dinner after Al tuned & headed to Timbre.
I hate the place man because if you are traveling there by foot.. You have to climb this whole flight of staircase which is super tiring. I was totally out of breath when i reached the top. This shows how unfit i was.
There was like damn alot of people who came for it.
Me, Al, Jerry, Corrine, Alvin, Ahtian, Issac, Jingfang, Shaun Lee, Josiah, Kahho, Laksana, Junjie, Sean,Khai, Honghao, Jingwei, Rainie, Eric, Fifi and 2 other guys. ME people were here also.
I was a good girl. Went easy on my liver and pocket.
Ahtian and alvin left first cause she wasn’t feeling well.

Left with loves & jingwei. And on the way back , we saw the thaipusan. Some festive that the indians celerbate where people get pierced and they have to carry this metal structure on them.
It seems so scary. Chionged for the last train.We were so lucky man!

I saw this & i think it’s damn sweet!

This is a proposal every girl on earth would want man !


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