I need sleep. I need love.

I need loads of time.

i woke up feeling super pathetic of myself.
2 hrs of sleep , thanks. Yesterday eyebags was 10 cm.
But today, 20cm.
road to school was jam like jam.
luckily i’m nt driving to school, i’ll go mad.
the coffee didn’t work at all.
I skipped afternoon class and rested.
My head was spinning right round.

Had lunch and chia was like so proactive today.
cause he finished his last lap of the race, the viva.
And the result of proactiveness, me being attack by him verbally.

economics’ such a bitch.
Can they just fking release the dumb GDP now.
Al, alvin, jerry drop by after their class.
we went for dinner with sisters, chia, nithyia .

we had our own little fun there.
singing those songs. and our own communicating methods.
don’t understand why Al can laugh at my singing till he wanna tear.
Maybe he is too touched by my wonderful voice. gross women.
Well, I’m happy that my suggestion did workout thou it cause him hundreds of codes.
Perhaps , it will just score him an additional + to the A = A+/AD
My brother, he’s been taking 5s is super short times. I bet he’s really stressed.
Jerry , i realise we’ve got the same old habit.
We’ll get pissed at the graph borders when it’s not in proper order. and we’ll go to great lengths to just get that little border fixed.
Sis, your monday viva and tml NAPFA. I love you, so you should do well, or rather very well. Cause..My love’s a power.

I’m bringing them out to replenish all the nutrients for the body after project deadlines.
To reward our pathetic kidneys, liver, heart,eyes,brain that’s been functioning till late in this hectic period.
As i’m writing now, My vision is getting blurred, my body’s telling me to sleep, my brain stops so, and also oh-so-poor organs.

(p/s: 4th March faster come ! )

I can’t believe i stayed till 10.30pm on a normal school day.

and thank god, J.LOVE is driving me to school tml
I love youuuuu ! No wonder, you are my superman!


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