Standing alone on the island.

Caught Hear 聽說.
It’s pretty quiet through out the movie cause they were using sign languages .
But it was really nice.
Me, Hosehboh & Ahtian were like crying tgt like nobody’s business and laughing our ass off during the funny parts.
The show was really touching! I don’t mind watching it again.
We were the noisiest inside the theatre but we seemed to be the only ones enjoying the movie.

this is my favorite scene of all.
He thought she was deaf all along. So he was mumbling to himself what he wanted to say to her, how much he loved her. The girl acted that she can’t hear but actually when she turned her back, she was crying. She always had to giveup her own dreams, for her elder sister who is deaf and so the sister could concentrate on the parlympics.

Love does not need to be translated nor written. The only way to understand it is to feel with your heart.


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