Losing my stand, I’m soft-hearted


School as usual, boring laa.
Economics, killer man.
Met al & ah-tian for lunch. (: Lunch is the best period probably for all the students in the world.
My ytf was flooded with noodles till i can barely see the soup.
Went back to class and when it ended, landed in clubhouse (:
The ah-tian say she hungry.
So we went to Makan Place to grab a bite.
We saw Yuzhe, Jay &Jianlun .
Had a chat there before we go back and wait for them to end class.
Wahlao i just kanna suan only. stupid jay.. you watch out.
Not long after they we reach clubhouse off, al/jerry/alphon came.
And they were hungry.
So we went back again to Makan Place-.- HAHA but it’s okay
Did my work and my brain cells are getting near zero.
I open the window and was sitting at the sofa beneath the window.
got excited about going home and literally just hit the window. FML
Was waiting for the darn bus for damn long.
Saw jiehao and we went back tgt.
Yay, he says he can help me cox the boat. Thanks laa!
Went all the way to St81 to collect my wedges.
Pretty satisfied about it(:
I waited for the bus for damn long and it didn’t appear.
Waited for like 25 minutes.
it was until i kept yawning, then i decided the cab home.
Waste my 4 bucks 😦
I need to save save save.
Cause i wanna go KL with loves(:
Sister , take care okays. Drink many many water.
Love you! ((:
I did my birthday analysis on facebook.
I wonder if it’s true.
This is the results :

You were born on 24th of July 1991.

:: Idealistic and need a reason to be happy.
:: Strong Family bond are important to them.
:: Their decisions are driven by their emotion.
:: Like to help and take care others.
:: Loyal and a good teacher.
:: Love musics.
:: Loyal to those who are serious in relationship.
:: Need to learn what can and can’t change.

Famous people that share your personalities : Albert Einstein, Jane Seymour, John Denver, Meryl Streep, Christopher Columbus, Goldie Hawn.

I need to sleep.
Goodnight loves!

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