Interdiscplinary Studies = Waste of Time

Met Jacq, Shin and KL in school for economics.
Connected the screen to my lappy!

I did my ERP yesterday night till like 4 plus in the morning and was supposed to meet them in school@9. But I woke up when i heard the msg tone & I saw jacq’s msg.
OMG! I jumped out of bed and explained to her.
But after that… I went back to sleep again :X
I’m sorry . I really really really very tired 🙂

Went for quick lunch and IS.
Simply boring lurh. Waste of time.
I came school for like 1 hour only and went to clubhouse to do some work.

Met yj and went down to collect our moolaas (Y)!
Drove down but because we were not very familiar with the area there ah, so we got a little lost.

He’s a pretty safe driver laa, so no scared.
Went to fetch mark and went for dinner.
I tell you awesome food ah ! Srsly!
Niceee! It was simple and good.
Send mark to west coast and we went back.

We wanted to cheat mark that I haven’t got my license yet.
So he lent me his car to “test drive” cause my tp coming soon.
HAHA! Actually we planned this thing already when we were waiting for him .
His reaction was “Eh, If we see TP, can I imagine that i faint already. Idk anything”
we burst into laughter laa.

I’m also a pretty safe driver right ?? (:

Back to the old times.
That’s where I wanna go.
Cause I’m afraid the memories won’t last
Cause I’m afraid that one day ,I wake up and don’t remember anything.


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