Class 3.

First resolution of the new year=Checked.

School was like urh…boring.
Skipped lecture and met Al, Ahtian, Hosehbo at clubhouse makan.
And off I went for my driving.
It feels great to be “aunthorized” to be behind the wheels.

This time during the warm-up, I was like mumbling to myself can, keep whining to the instructor till i think he cannot tahan.
And then I just went grumbling to myself.
“if fail how, $400 lei, 2 months waiting time, and disappoint my family. wah sian ah sian ah. NO! Cannot fail. I must pass…Aiyah bochap la, anyhow whack only. Wah don’t anyhow lei mirah.”

I was like talking to HSB on the phone while waiting for the test.
Well, it managed to like chill me down. Had to whisper to them on the phone cause the waiting room was super quiet and tense.
She even brought “cheerleaders” to perk me up.
HAHA! Thanks Hosehboh, Ah-tian , Daren and Xiaowenzi (:
They reached when i was out on road.

Quite satisfied with my results. It was a 10.
Actually it could be better.
But at a T-junction, I kanchiong-ed and instead of depressing the brake, I depress the accelerator and the car bonnet was into the other car lane.
But nvm, pass already.
The tester was also very nice ah. Not like that time one so impatient.

Finally, I say goodbye to BBDC!

did all the paperwork and went back to school for meeting.
Wanted to like bluff them but then plan failed.
Meeting ended pretty early.
I know I have a very disorganized meeting manner, but i hope you all can understand laaa. HAHA!
Went alumni for dinner.
No more kap man! I’m getting sick and tired of it already.

took yj’s car back to bb and bused home.
I kept smiling to myself laa. like some crazy women.

Okay back to serious stuffs 😦


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