Missing the chapters.

school was boring.
especially economics.
Just purely copying here and there.

Went to meet andy with al, jerry, alvin, tian and hosehbo.
finally the thing was resolved 🙂
Wee-weets. But is upon approval.

I think facebook just hates me or hate my laptop.
Taking ages just to even load the page.
Or lousy facebook !

applying mask on my face now.
Just hope that it can like just relax me down (:
But it stinks lurh.
Bo chap laa, also buy already.

I love speaking korean nowadays.
And i think i manage to irritate loves. (:
sorry laaaaa!

Me, Hosehbo and Ah-tian went to the toilet after the meeting.
And we were like snatching for the cubicle.
Actually only me and ah-tian cause we always like to use the first cubicle.
I know. Next time we go snatch Hosehbo’s one.. Cause she like super happily go into the toilet.
that stupid alphonsus loh go scare us behind the door.
My heart like really got drop for a moment.
Break you into half then you know ah!
There’s pretty much flam in my throat and i still went for dinner with them at KAP!
With the spicyness, un-friendly fries, cold green tea… Good game.

Omg, I’m quite fidgety now.
Hope I’ll get over it.
I don’t think i can take a second blow .

I just felt pissed when I saw that.
Just one dulan. Forget it.


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