Play hard.

Hi loves (:

School today was allright 🙂
The same old monday blues .

Got back my economics paper and I passed.
But on the account of only doing 4 questions instead of 5 (which is worth of 20 marks), getting 54 is well enough.

So far my my common test was alright.
EPM – B+
ERP – C+
Economics – D? (If i’m nt wrong)

The other BA module was not tested in the CT but i did a quiz and I got 15/20.
Which is think is very good already 🙂

Actually, I think this CT , i was pretty slack…
Not to flaunt or anything, honestly speaking, I didn’t really did any full revision.
EPM- I just transfer all the slides to my phone and read it on the way to school.
ERP – Slack only, since it’s open book.
Econs – Openbook. I just highlighted some of the points and off to drama.

All last minute one.
So I’m one great procrastinator.

Met Jerry after class and off to driving (:
Esther came later and Ziyang too 🙂
So 4 of us were driving all at one session (:
I saw all of them at the circuit.
Mine was allright.
Just that I almost went with the opposite direction of the traffic flow in the circuit.
Just that I turned left at the traffic light without using the slip road.
How dumb can i bee man!

Met hosehboh and we went for dinner at CCK 🙂
I swear the uncle’s service was DAMN GOOD!
I’ll remember his name. SAM.
Talked about many many stuffs.
And seeing them 2 getting along is just entertainment for mee.

many many many many many milk for our milk-tea.

And the super bigenormousgiganticdua tomato!
Just got me reminded of the annoying orange!


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