okay, I woke up with a flu and now it’s getting nowhere good.

I seriously feel like chopping off my nose!

Well, dragged my body to school and went for openhouse.
Sorry girls, I can’t join you.
Anyways, It is sharon’s birthday !
Happy birthday dear, “don’t get too drunk” is prolly not gonna happen on her.
finally today was the last day for openhouse (:
wrapped everything up and went for dinner with
al, hosehbo, jerry, daren, mervin, hanqiang, jf, nythia and irene.
I was q-ing up and considering whether to eat the “DIAM CAKE”.
idk why i like to call it “Diam” when it is spelled as “Daim Cake”
That slice of cake was like saying hello to me from the fridge.
So tempted to get it lurh. Al wanted to treat me but i said no!
Wah i think if i eat that “Diam cake”, I tml sure “Diam Diam” one.
Cause no voice already. HAHA!
And the soft-cone ice-cream, eat already no need sleep tonight. Jammed-up nose ):
Wah damn sad know, I realise everytime i go eat with them there, I’m sure like sick or what.
Then I cannot enjoy the food nicely lurh ):
4 of us were like discussing like those religious issues that most of us would prolly face.
Those marriages la, those banned religion arh.
omgxzzx, the “diam” cake!
Next time next time !
It is when one is at it’s weakest, the more she yearns for attention (:

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