Thanks, you made my day brighter (:

Hellooos (:
Tml helping out with the openhouse at ICT (:
Actually quite looking forward to it lurh ! HAHA!

Packed food back to clubhouse with ahtian.
Al, Hosehboh, Jerry and Ahtian were there.
Don’t know why Al so high today , eat some wrong medicine i guess ! XD
Don’t know why ahtian so gong gong today. ( i think it’s pretty normal )

Went for the openhouse briefing and then back to clubhouse for IG & 3D0 meeting .
First time meeting so many ppl eh. It’s like 17 and not full attendance yet.
I write the attendance list and like so long lurh.

I just only kanna suan by them esp that stupid darenchia! HERH!
Meeting ended and we went for dinner.
Me, Al, Alvin, Ahtian, Jerry, Hosehboh, Pat , Lingyi, Darenchia, mervin.
I feel so sinful lurhs :((


Haha, I want to congratulate tay rongrong! HAHA! I feel so happy for him.

Time doesn’t matter. What matters the most is what you’ve made out of that little quality time (:
I’m pretty happy with what I have now, so I wish that it will stay like this as long as we can. (:


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