Pillar of Strength.

School was allright.
Went to finance office with jerry to sign some documents.
Took super long, so in the end we were sitting there talking with the officers there and jerry.
Waited for hosehboh and we decided to go for ice-cream @udders!
Shiok can. I had the Tira-miss-u & Honeycomb and Mars Vanila.

Solid ah the tiramisu!
The Kick S caramel was awesome too. Kicked the S!
But I don’t like hosehboh’s gila melaka.
Inside is like coconut and attap seeds. EE.
Next time we’ll have a mini-comp eating the tiramisu kays!?

We were on the bus back and I was talking about watching Alvin and the Chipmunks.
In the end, we went to cwp to watch. Like a totally impromptu action can.
It was cute lurhh (:

Don’t leave questions empty.
Time won’t fill the gap for you.
But instead of whining what we’ve lost,
I’m still thankful that I’ve met you.


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