I wonder when will I find my own (:

Met Al, Ah-tian and Alvin at Orchard.
That UUUU want to see his shoes, so we all go accompany him.
In the end, We landed in Fish & Co.
me & al had the best fish and chips in town.
Actually, it’s just drizzled with some cheese sauce (:
Ahtian & alvin got their seafood platter. Very tempting laa, but their prawn like nt very fresh (:
But the service there was awesomexzzx.
Got this waiter his eyes like barbie doll and got this waitress she looks abit like transvestite but she was very nicee. Who cares who she look like as long i get good service.

Nothing caught his eye. So we were walking around and decided to go for movie @ J8.
Lenneh came down and we all caught Sherlock Homes.
The movie was allright, but the Sherlock Homes is fking funny and his brain (Y) .
He’s a very smart but witty guy, with his own special ways of doing things but it always works out.

Walked around in fairprice while waiting for al to close the shop.
In the end i decided not to go supper with them.

i srsly think i look old nowadays!
and black! ))):

best fish and chips in town-that’s what they call it (:

seafood platter (:

I think it’s just free entertainment for us to see them fight for the food.

Sometimes, I think it would be really good if there was a someone tugging me in bed, those sweet whisperings, someone to whine to after a bad day, someone to share all my happy stuffs, someone to send cheesy messages, someone whom i can shower all the love i have. But seeing so much shit that happened around my friends, I came to realize, maybe staying single might have it good points also. Or perhaps I don’t have the courage to even pursue my own.

If one day, I leave the world without a word, this will be the best testimony that I’ve once cried, laughed..and once lived. But it’s okay for the world to come crumbling down as long I have you with me (:


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