For the little space I’ve been saving up for you.

first day of school in 2010.
Urghh, it sucks. There was a traffic jam to school and i took almost 1 hour to reach school by shuttle bus. And my econs teacher was late for 1 hour! That could be 1 hour of my sleep time.
Woke up late and simply grap some clothes and went out.

Had FMS presentation today.
And school ended pretty early (:

I suddenly remembered smth.
I have 2 friends with the identical name in my phonebook.
While shopping for the groceries for steamboat the other day, I wanted to check if she had chili at home. So i called. I went “hello , ying ah.. your house got chilli not arh, if not we want buy already. Then how to walk to yr house arh…” The conversation just went on.
Then I realise I’ve been talking to the wrong person. And she’s one of my friends that I havent met for i think 4 or 5 years. This teaches me one lesson. Label your contacts properly (:

Recently I got the habit of using “LOL”. Idk why too. But sometimes i just hate this word. It will just piss me off. Imgaine you quarreling with your bf/gf/friend, after reasoning out the cause of the fight, and they give you a LOL reaction… Dulan right? Two tight slaps.
I would rather you use “Haha” to fill in the spaces. Sounds nicer right?? Sounds sarcastic thou.
Different people have different definitions of LOL. For me is “diao”/”wth?”/”wtf?”.
Some they really laugh out loud=LOL. I just think people are just weird bunch of animals.
Like when they type “HAHA” , their face behind the screen is displayed as “black face”, telling others who’s not in the conversation to f off.

Something for you guys to lighten up some monday blues.
It will make your tuesday blue-er. OMG!
FUNNY RETARD ( Click Here ! )
he’s just a ..I can’t find other adjectives to describe this person. I think his world is made up of him + and ……. him!
My jaw just literally drop! Don’t know where he get’s the courage!

See those love quotes i wrote like at the bottom of almost every post.
I’m just penning down my thoughts after watching some shows/books and so on.
So if you are guessing who is the “you”, you can call it a day.
Cause there’s no such person.(Y)

Love’s like finding the most beautiful stone.
There can be only one in your hands.
To find a more beautiful stone, you will have to sacrifice the stone.

mirah (:


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