To the love, and friendship.

Hi loves.

I bet some are still recovering their hangovers of 2009.
But I’m sure they’ll be looking forward to the new year.

How i spent my eve 🙂
We girls met up and went to ying’s house for steamboat.
Did some last minute shopping for the steamboat ingredients.
All like one bunch of aunties.

Bought fish and janice wanted to steam the fish.
But we didn’t have ginger.
So we went to the neighbours and just act one wishing them happy new year.
And ask them whether if they’ve got ginger.

Prepared the food and we counted down to the new year 🙂

After eating, we played like games.
Aiyah, it’s all our old procedure la.
Still can do what.
In the end, we were all dunked.
Had our own heart to heart talk.
Or perhaps i was listening to them cause I feeling damn sleepy.

And janice did a very funny thing.
She sat beside me during dinner and she wanted to pour the sprite into the cup.
But because there was ice in it, the foam was forming and it overflow.
He first reaction is the put the cup ON TOP OF my bowl , let all the overflowing sprite into my bowl. LOLS .

Last day of 2009.

After the clock strikes 12!

Janicetan, the main culprit behind the “sprite thing”

I know i look kinda bitchy here.


Some of my new year resolutions:
My driving liscense.
Make running a habit.
3D0 to be successful.
Family and friends to stay happy and healthy.
Dad not to give me and mummy any nonsense anymore.
Someone who I can whine to ❤
Actually I don’t really have any expectations for 2010.
I just think we must at least be happy for every minute we live 🙂

We’ve been tgt for like 5 years if we really count.
These 5 years, there happened a lot of things that we hate, quarrels, and some very shitty stuffs.
But also there we good times. Those laughters fun and love.
We’ve been through the most heart wrenching moments, glorious victories.
And of course, thank you ms.lim & Coach dorothy.

Some were a lesson learnt, some were passerby , some of us distanced away and left.
For those i thank them for bringing great memories for me in 2009.
But now, I’ve found the ones that I want to take forever to love and protect.


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