Visual for bike scavanger!

See ah-tian standard auntie pose.

esther extraaaa :X

New faces 🙂


This one not new faces already ah, all old-birds alrd 🙂

Al with his team, display the his signature UUUUU face.

Jump together , fall together! HAHA

Power rangers.

Issac suddenly like became the seal of the day XD

they had to jump on the skipping rope made of rubberbands!

And of course us being the PC + Helpers must also do mahs.

Haha, in the end we all got jump twice as much as them.

My xiaochabor sister!
We were kanna caught by them self-taking pictures! paiseh lurh.

Sebastian kanna kidnapped! Monkey caught. 🙂

Hosehboh and jerry de looo.

I was alone on the viewing tower.
So nothing much to do, sooo much cam-whorings 😀

Did you see anything special for this picture?

the clouds was forming and when the sunlight shot in, it looked like a heart shape.

well, i did have fun here 🙂


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