Finally, I made it.

Guess where I made it??
HAHA! I made it to chomp chomp.
After so many years of whining of wanting to go chomp chomp, Finally!

Met ah-ho and loo at cwp, went to get some sweets for the tooth while waiting for the monobrow to pick us up. I think he got a little lost, meet at cwp , he go wait at marsiling mrt. lols.
Went to bishan and pick the UUUU up.
Actually we no idea how to go there, so we reached there by agaration lurh.
I only know take SLE then thomson rd.
Then in the end we just whack only :X
haha! But we still reach our destination. That’s one important thing. So can say we quite pro.(Y)

We were like all bickering on the car, say that bishan was a noob area. woodlands is pro!
And me being the navigator almost missed the turning in to the petrol station.
Tsktsk. It was a 4 VS 1 bickering competition I would say.

Chomp chomp food was awesommmeeeess! Good arh.
We ate a lot of type of food.

Oyster omelette, Satay beehoon, Prawn noodles, stingray, gonggong, kangkong, chicken wings and sugarcane juice! WAH WAH WAH, So fattening. Sinful. Must go for confession already :X HAHA!

super big cups of sugarcane

how big…this big!!

Sister and bf (:

ME! I think i look like some mature women.

yj, the driver for tonight. (:

navigator to chomp chomp (:

contented women!


uncle eating method. (:
Tak glam.

awesome chicken wings!

mutton ball soup. Actually when i saw the signboard, i thought they were refering to the goat’s testicles = “balls”

belachan kangkong.


prawn noodles!

oyster egg!

corrine’s masterpiece!

I love sending mushy/cheesy messages!

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