Say Goodbye to 2009

Hello people.

Let me start from yesterday.
I woke up very early man! Even earlier for school.
We had to prepare some of the logistic for Bike Scavanger.
I think it was a pretty successful one 😀
Good job everyone! 😀

Bike scavanger was held at pulau ubin! (MIRAH IS UBIN GIRLXZXZ) eee.
My station was at Chek Jawa’s viewing tower.
I swear it was f scary to stay up there cause when there is movement within the tower or wind flows, it will be shakey. And got this 2 idiots still do jump shots on the tower. Scare the shit out of me.People get seasick , i get tower-sick! LOLS.
But the panoramic view of the tower was worth it (Y). Stayed for a total of almost 4 hours alone. The sun was scorching hot!!! Heng i spam put my sunblock and a sunglasses . I was literally sleeping on the bench and tanning. Although there was tourists and other people laa, but they also not my friends 😦 hahaha. So out of glamness, when there is people i will get up. If not, the whole towers’ mine! Opps :XThe mass games was super funny with issac’s group. Srsly, the zomg.. SO FUNNY CAN! STILL GOT SOME POWER RANGER POSE! Al’s group was some thousand hand Buddha.

Took the bus back to mainland, wash-up a little.
After one day of sun, some night activities. Head to Lingyi’s chalet.
We are so amazed by the way they hold their bbq. Still got curry chicken, hong-zhao chicken, teriyaki chicken, satay chicken. Yesterday was some total chicken fiesta or chicken parade. And they brought mini-pan, bunsen burner and fire tourch. Can imagine?? I totally was GAGAGAGAGA over the garlic bread. Garlic is the sex yo. Awesome shit.

Played poker and zomg, i kept losing at the end 😦 Punishments.
Actually I didn’t intend to stayover, but i the end i did.
I think mum is gonna be pissed but when i told her that i’m not coming home tml too, she seems allright. Kays must let her used to it.
Sleeping in the same room as the guys was like a symphony band or what.
I heard yongquan’s and alex snoring system. There ware like the surround systems. One on the left , on the right! Through out the whole night.lols.
Took bus with alex and home sweet home.

The first thing i go do is BATHE! so disgusting.
Rest for awhile and went off the BBDC for driving.
Congrats arh monobrow! Happy for you.
My driving was a total dissaster! I think . What to expect from a driver who haven been driving for like almost 2 months. Almost bang into car sio.

After that, went to CWP meet hosehbo and loo.
Faster go tempt sister to go watch also.

Finally i finished.
So tired lurh.
Yays, tml counting down 🙂

Grab your pillows and off to sleep.
Goodbye love 🙂


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