out till late.


That 2 little bugger ran a fever and I didn’t go for the recce. So sorry guys.
See la, go play in the rain somemore

Omg. I feel fking tired and my stomach is acting like a washing machine.
The drinks and fishball and chilli.
Reached home like 7. Interrupted sleep man, Ah-ma kept spamming the phonecalls. Tried to ignore but it just went on. Kinda pissed me so I went to pick up the phone.
I know i’m bad lurh but I’m really tired ah. And there’s no a single soul in the house.

Yesterday, Met Jt at tiong bahru.
We wanted to go do manicure one but in the end, accompanied yj to the interview place.
So i tagged along. After just talking cock with the person, I got a chance for interview and I got the job. lols. Fast right? Like so sudden πŸ™‚
Sony Vaio Laptops? Look for me πŸ™‚

Decided to go boat quay and makan.
After dinner was Eski and Divon? ( I forgot the name already).
Wth, They close at 1! Wasted.
So we were at the coffeeshop nearby.
We were pulling pranks at mark and zy.

Visuals at facebook.


I tied a cherry knot.
Jt just gave up.

Mirah shall be a good girl.
No club for me tonight πŸ™‚


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