Hanging a smile on my face.

Hey guys, I’m back from Camp Legacy.
I think it was great. Not what i expected but i did enjoyed it very much.
Guess its’ the people that make the difference.
made a lot of new friends from other societies & ssc

Waking up early after CT doesn’t seem reasonable cause it’s holiday.
So saturday morning, I dragged myself out from bed.
It wasn’t taxing at all as it is more leadership stuffs. So it’s not like the previous exco camp we went. We had a lot of social time in the program which got it good points and bad points.
Nothing much happened during day 1. And idk why we were all so tired so that night we went to bed pretty early.

Day 2 is much more better i think πŸ™‚ Went halobar with BE & EE? & al , issac, ahtian and alvin. ME guys came after that.
Was pretty fun. Now we know what’s the best way of bonding (: Simple games do the trick.
Sang some songs also but i didn’t get to sing my Shan hu hai . I like that song ttm!

I totally just went to sleep after reaching loft.
Day 3. The norm, debriefing, games, affirmation…
I read my cards and I was smiling (:
I just they are a sweet bunch of people.
team braindead! (Y)

Break camp and went to clubhouse and meet wenjie .
Went to clementi to get the logistics for BS.
Tml got recce trip 😦

I feel so tired lurh.


We played this identity game . End up khai had a lot of different names on his back.

Al’s stupid joke. If you’ve seen the picture, it’s a rooster. Then we put on top of his head. Looks as though his head is the rooster head. haha!

Had a great time πŸ™‚

My group mates!
Al , Jian lun , Khai the old man, Ei Wah , Munirah , Rachel the horny girl and Desen the sleeping god. Forever can go sleep one.
Kind of coincidence that me and al is the same group cause the rest all were split to other groups.
And also rachel. She was my ex-colleague when we worked in Disney naturally.

Team Braindead.

Munirah, Khai , Desen, Mirah, Alphon , Jianlun,Eiwah and Facilitator(Yvonne)

Omg, I this camp…Just constantly receive all those xuan-nings and some new nicknames lurh.
Like what bean bag cause i’m very comfortable to lean on, My hand alot of fats so very squishy all those stuffs lurh. But nvm I shall treat it like a compliment πŸ™‚ Cause I’m unique! haha BHB.
I feel sooooo paiseh after saying this man.

I need some sleep like seriously.
My panda eyes are going 3cm long already .
So goodnight people. XOXO.


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