Just a little with do.

Hellooos everyone.

Finally, it’s the holidays ! Woohoo, I’m so excited manxzxz.
But this also means that I have a lot of things to do 😦
Today’s paper sucks ttm. I think i lost like 2o plus marks.
Seriously, I also don’t know what I’m writing lurhs.

Went to the ICT Christmas Party 🙂
Haha, I enjoyed myself! Seriously I think it’s good.
Had some old school games like musical chairs (old enough hurh), Don’t forget the lyrics.
And and we did a gift exchange 🙂
I got Kim’s present which is a bearbear , ah-tian got the present from bolin. Her’s was the same bear as me! But different colour only 🙂
Guess, who got mine???
It was…(drumrolls) Samuel.
Haha, he’s my primary school friend lurh.
Actually sometimes I want to say hi to him. But then like sometimes feel not so familiar, so for a person like me who’s afraid of awkwardness… (:

Oh ya, And I won a movie voucher! Wahaha, sisters also! We all can go watch movie tgt already. Free for us! Hurrays!

There was quite a few unfamiliar faces but I was happy know.
Cause i finally see some people stepping out to participate in this event together.

I played the Wii just know.
Pk with andy and i just think i rocked lurh! The car anyhow bang only. Aiyah virtual only mahs, bang also won’t die. Next time take my car sure safe one (Y)!
Wah , I very tempted to buy one.
But cannot !
Bang-the-kok comes first,
Ipod touch second,

Did some wrapping up and went for dinner@ KAP.
Me, al , hohoho, looooo, chiaaa, wenjie and sugarboy.
It’s been a pretty long time since we like hanged out together.
Dinner lasted till quite late urh. For once, the 961 bus have plenty of seats cause it was very late already.

Heading to Camp Legacy tomorrow.
reporting time: 8.30am
zomgxz lurh. damn early sia. I don’t know I how long never wake up at that time already.
And I’m very lazy to pack my bag.
wah and today mervin they all go St.James sia! I want to go also ! If not for tomorrow’s legacy, wah i sure want to go one 🙂
Nehmind, Next time.

Coming back from legacy on monday(:
Wah almost, 3 already!
Gotta go to sleep already. If not tomorrow late, haha die .
Wan an !

Oh ya , And I want to post something first. If not later no chance ..
Happy birthday phoebetanengsan (:

With love,

Mirah 🙂


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