Cheers to mummy first.
I love you!

I was reading Matt’s blog on his recent post and totally send cold shivers down my spine.
Sound so eerie lurh. you can go take a look at
super super super.

Went back to school to met mr.melvin for some stuffs.
Met my sisters and chia for lunch @ C3
I missed the food there manxzxzxzxzxzz

The weather totally suck today .
Fucking hot, like seriously.
And after that in the afternoon, it turned very cold.
I’m a flu carrier now 😦

Tomorrow EPM 😦
shugxz, it’s like omgxz.

Yesterday Met F to study.
Practically I wasn’t really eyes on the book.
Bio here and there .
Next time I won’t order the whitechocolate mocha already.
Fucking sweet can. So disgusting, I added like 1 whole cup of warm water and still so sweet.
Left it unfinished. I just felt that I drank 2 venti worth of sugar syrup although i only drank half of venti.
But well, I love the big ceramic cup.
If it was clean, I think i’ll just put it in my bag :X
No lurh, that won’t happen 🙂

I think i’ll need to get a new wallet.
It’s been attracting people tongues when we are like only friends.
And I somehow think it’s been affecting us

Back to books,
Mirah 🙂


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