How common is common test.

Had economics paper for today and totally shuggsxz.
I only managed to do 4 questions out of 5.
And some, just copy and paste from the text.
I don’t think the marker gonna understand what I’m writing.
Srsly can die.

And thanks to someone, i might have that little bit more time to think/complete my sentence if you passed me the paper earlier. And stop questioning why i need them . Obviously i need to write my answer right?

Went to alumni for dinner with esther and jt.
Got our date set *Winks* . Looking forward to it.
This wed supperclub sounds so tempting but thurday got paper.
shit you uncommon test.

ICT Xmas Party this coming friday.
I havent got my present for the xchange.
Heading to Camp Legacy this weekend.
Only will be back on next monday.
Think I’ll bring my laptop over ?
So I can watch my dramas on sunday night or maybe can say it’s monday morning.
Kinda of looking forward to Legacy but somehow, not so excited. Reason??

Speaking of drama, I have watched my dramas pipping hot on youtube this morning .
Finished all 3 by the time of 5am and boom, to sleep.
To be precise, I only started reading my econs like this morning?
I think I just stared into the book for like 3 hours.

On the way back, I bought myself paddlepop ice-cream.
I know doublechin is asking me not to eat already but I just need a liltinnybit of that sweet therapy to cheer me up since last week and this week doesn’t seemed good for me. Mood-beats been going down down and down 😦
Arghhs, I miss the old time. Just pause at the time that I thought It was the best. Think it’s my birthday/lucky month-JULY.

Running tonight? I think i’ll just push it to tomorrow instead.
And don’t question me cause i will really go! πŸ™‚

Saturday morning I woke up. And first instinct is to…
Not study but L4D.
I spent the whole morning playing and none of academic stuffs.
Same goes for sunday also!

I miss driving manxz. I wonder if i even know how to drive now. Hate BBDC website. Forever so slow one. Let me guess, If Kwek sees this, I think he will go..

  • Hurh what is bbdc?
  • Eh! My account cannot sign in already lei. How?
  • Throw you my license ahh!
  • Eh L plate ah? (Then puts a L on his forehead)

εͺζ˜―ζˆ‘θ¨˜εΎ—οΌŒδ½ εΏ˜δΊ†.
this is still my favorite line.
how true.

With Love,

Mirah πŸ™‚

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