All I want for Christmas is YOUUUUU! ♥

All i want for chistmas is you.
(Refers below).
32GB .

Sitting in class for 2 hours.
Doing a lot of stuffs.
But not classwork.
I’ve been playing on classmate’s iphone .
I’ve been looking at the apple website for hours and just stare at the chio ipod touch.
My heart itchy itchy.

I seriously want this manxz.
My dad don’t let me sell my psp to get this gadget 😦
Sad!! 😦

Stayed at the booth just now.
Went for the short briefing for B.S. and went home.
Called fann and decided to go look for them =D
I miss them knoww!
Tml gonna meet fann love to study!


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