A little kimchi.

Just Human Nature

I’m on a lighter mood now.

Dark clouds just passed.
Trying to see things as it is.

Actually I kinda like rainy days.
Makes me feel quite comfortable.
To be honest, I like to sit down and see those raindrops roll down the glass.
I think if i’m in the car, I’ll just stare into the glass.

I’ve just nothing to do, so I went taking pictures in the corners of my room.
This is my favourite blanket, was my birthday gift from peanut few years back.
See till now I’m still using it.

And look and my new chio pink pillow covers.
Totally like 1 set one can.
Pink, Red, and Red with heart shapes.

This is my study table.
It hasn’t been put to good use..

I seldom study.

Instead I’ll be on the other side of the room.

Using my laptop/computer/watch TV.
And maybe laptop + TV .

All my barang barang hung on the back of the door and a mini picture wall.

Although it’s filled with my shoes.

My favourite macdonalds toys.

Everytime when i cry for M.Happy Meals.
All my friends will go, “Wah Happy meal again”, “Wah how old already?”…
And to people who don’t know I have a fetish for these, my friends will tell them..
“she’s always happy meal one”.
Nevermind, It makes me happy.
So know what to do When I’m feeling sad.

Seriously, I’m really had nothing to do the whole day.
Apart from youtube, facebook and MSN, sleep..I did nothing.
Well today i did catch up with this friend of mine whom I never met him for 2 years already?
The conversation was a super random one lurh.

Bored enough, so I went to the supermarket.The trip there just totally make me feel like one happy woman.
Those close enough to me should know that I really love to go to supermarkets! And those electronic shops. I like the new packaging smell. Weird hurh.
I’m just finding people to join me .
Maybe then we’ll call “Weird Squid”?
I’m totally just spouting nonsense here.

I just grabbed one and went to paid for it.
Reach home, Immediately just tried the kimchi.
Was fabulous.!
Maybe I’ll try to make kimchi stew tml IF i’m in the cook-mode.

I’ve been watching intimate note ft.Big Bang and there’s this phrase in it.
It just needs a bit more communication.
It just needs a bit more understanding.
It just needs another look at each other.
It just needs the time to laugh together.
It will…
Little by little, make us closer!

I felt pretty touched after seeing this phrase.

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