Twist and turn.

Yay finally!

went to school to help out at the parents seminar.
got free food and we get paid for it, how good is that?
I love my saturday, with good movie, food and good accompany.
Drove down to cathay for movie with al, corrine and jerry.
we like a bit don’t know which road to go.
I became navigator mirah πŸ˜€
We watched 2012!
damn sad la the story. even the guys cried :X
Drove me back to bishan and trained home:)
My shoulder hurts and I can’t really twist my neck.
Karma, too much laughing at alphonsus the other time.
I’m gonna spam put all those salonpas.
Woah, im still thinking of the show manxzxz.
Damn nicee!
and I made a pact with sister to go universal studios after it’s open for business.
wah i very excited !

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