For the very first time.

Friday was in school for stITwise rehearsal.

Dragged till quite late.
Wasn’t feel well also.
Stayover at the loft.
Saturday was the actual event.
I think it went quite smoothly .
Good job guys.
The aircon was freaking cold and i had no jacket with me.
And plus all the blocked nose and sore throat, i really felt very helpless.
To a extend that i really felt like crying.
Had a debrief and went back to loft wash up.
We wanted to catch a movie . Then we changed to steamboat.
Al went home first.So only ho, loo, tian, alvin , rongrong, wenjie and issac go eat.
Went old turf city. Wah super shiok can.
By the time we went back to the gate, it was locked! !!
We had to walk one big round out.
Ho and loo went back to loft first.
We went to Alumni’s halo.
😀 quite shiok.
Now my throats hurts even more.
Sometimes i really hate the way you talk to me.

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