I feel so dumb today. NEVERMIND ! =D

Happy birthday clifford! 😀

sorry i cant meet you guys.

And Rongrong, I’m sorry i spilled the beans.
But nevermind la hor, it was a new ” conventional” birthday surprise.
Talking about this, SRSLY, I FEEL STUPID!
Shall share with you all .
We wanted to give him a birthday surprise since his is tml .
They prepared the cake at esquare.
I was like kanchiongly seeing why people not going down yet.
So i went to the group there and say ..
“Eh what you all doing here? we go down celebrate kenneth’s birthday”
After i said that and i turned my head, I saw kenneth sitting among them.
Just that he was covered by some of them.
Die ! He know already .
Then he remained stunned all the way .
I really felt dumb !
Today no IS , so i just went school for the briefing and met my sisters and loo for lunch .
Went back to eventure and wait for the rest to come .
Today i like kanna attack by my girls!
I was eating and janice suddenly came and covered my eyes from the back.
I was like omg omg omg who is it .
Then when she walked past me, attack me again .
Nvm.I walked out of makan place, drink my delicious teh-bing, I suddenly saw gina and I choked on my tea .
Nvm, I was at the bustop with al and yj to get the cake.
Jiamei suddenly hook my neck from the back!
Wah scary , and ruvyn tried to give that “aiyah nvm ” face.
Nvm then i saw gina again, attacked me !
HAHAHA, I can only say that today’s been a pretty exciting day.
I don’t know where did my brain nerves go too .
We went for regatta team dinner .
Thanks andrew for the treat 😀
And headed to cold rock with the some of them .
Although it’s nice lurh .
But I see them mash my ice-cream, I very buay song .
HAHAH weird hor .
ARGHS, I got tongue ulcers now :((

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