Went school earlier to let mr.melvin measure the width of the whiteboard.
And went to dapao lunch.
IS ended like super early can!
I went in for like 45 minutes and can go home already.
Wtf larh, so shiok lurhs .
Went to the library with kenny and watched legally blonde again.
I still love that show . Not because of pink or bimbos
Went eventure to meet the rest.
It was jerry’s birthday celebration.
I think jerry really liked that present we got him 😀
Any normal human being would been the same way too.
Headed down to Ben’s chalet.
I didn’t want to spend the night there but i the end just only!
I told mum to just lock the door and she say it’s fine .
Then she say you dont suddenly say never come home hor.
Wah my strategy like kanna esposed lurh !
I say i dunno and faster hang up.
Me, esther, anthony, mark , km bbq-ed till the morning and some rounds.
Slept for awhile and went back home.
Aunt was at my house, my mummy like wasn’t angry with me at all ?
Wah miracle.
Bathed and did my homework.
Yj called and went to meet him.
We went holiday inn to get some stuffs.It’s damn cheap there lurhs .
Cabbed down to chalet again.
Felt damn uncomfortable so went to take a rest .
We wanted to get the Havianas but in the end never lurhs. 😦
BBQ and ben’s friends came .
They were very funny .
Went back home with Al, Alvin and Ah-tian:)
Took alvin’s van back . Wahlao damn shiok la .
The back there got fans and beanbag.
I like sleep till shiok .WAHAHA!
Alvin walked us the bus stop .
When i reach woodlands no more bus back home already sia !
I stunned manxz.
In the end i cabbed home . Wah 5 buck gone likethat le .

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