New shoes.

Omg, ah-ma cooked for me curry crab !

I love her cooking! It’s the best .
Although i sorethroat, but she cook i sure must eat cause she’s my ah-ma .
whack only! HAHA!
I got myself new shoes.
My “tight” leopard prints shoe is like spoiled already but i still love that shoe a lot.
My cotton on! Oh please. That shoe like cmi already.
I wanted to wear that for TP but then like really chui already lor
Shall just wear the leopard prints one . WAHAHA!
I’ve been such a shopaholic nowadays lurh!
Must curb my spending.
I just feel like shopping shopping shopping shopping lurhs !
My throat doesn’t get any better lurh .
Although it doesn’t sound dry but it’s quite painful.
I’ve been popping strepstils the whole day!
Omy, faster recover lei .
Ah tian you also arh . Sick already .
omg 23 days !

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