First day of school

school today is pretty slack .

Only like 2 hours of lesson. Or rather 2 hours of staring into the screen.
so boring la .
In the end, i never for the prize presentation thingy and briefing.
Sat outside clubhouse to see that guy trying to repair the door.
It’s spoiled lurhs . Cannot go in .
Went down to town for a while and rushed back for driving .
today driving like okok only .
I just want to pass tp at one go.
After driving, met yj for a short while before he go drive.
Oh ya i today lao sai sia .
i was on the slope then omg suddenly cannot tahan already.
The instructor drove me back and like so many cars jam up.
He just cut the lane man .
Omg, he like saved my day .
Thanks Mr.Lim KK
Speaking of driving, I today like went on those very difficult test routes .
I like omgomgomg. sian lurh. I hope that time tp will easy one . HAHAS !
A couple of my friends got module award lurh . Damn smart can .
haha, congrats 😀
I’ve been feeling very sick this few days .
Ah tian also . she also like infected with the bad virus .
Take care love:D

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