Nothing gets better than this.

See the a lot of “janice janice” in my previous post,it’s for janice!

I think she jealous that i keep mentioning the wuhan people coming back but never mention her name also .
Cause she came back the same day as them from kor.
Yesterday popped some medicine for my flu and booms to sleep.
And today= Omg, My throat is like chui chui chui chui chui chui chui chui chui chui.
I woke up with no voice this morning and feel damn dizzy.
and now i think i got an very deep voice .
super man sia .
It’s so torturing manxz . I can’t sing .
Dad says he’s giving me the crumpler that he just bought.
but i think he will still “share” it with me .
Never take whatever he says seriously.
I receive a lot of blessings this month.
Al got me a wallet from china =D
And he forgot to take off the price tag inside it.
when I saw the price tag,I was laughing like mad.
i love the colour la. PINK ! 😀
kam sia la =D
I just went to bbdc just now to top-up and book .
Sat like almost 40minutes at the terminal and hoping someone sell me their slots.
Damn sian laa. But in the end i still got my slot .

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