I stayed over at loft yesterday after pool training.

The china people was there too .
As in, out friends who just came back from wuhan.
I like that wallet alot. Thanks đŸ˜€
Heard a lot of funny stories too .
Had some bedtime talking and off to sleep.
Woke up and had breakfast.
Breakfast today was good eh .
Egg mayo sadwich and beancurd.
They drove down to selegie yesterday night.
Wah best la the beancurd.
Wash up and prepare for the race.
Actually didn’t really like prepare, we were just slacking around .
Relaxing ourselves.
Laoda drove us to kallang and back to school again after the race.
Thanks for the rides =)
I think this year round we’ve got a great team.
Swee swee bo zhao zui.
and we won! Champions.
I am so happy laaa, that’s the most glorious I’ve achieved since i came Ngee ann .
Our training paid off. Those pain , time sacrificed was worth it.
And thanks to adriel too.
He keep motivating me manxzzx . Thanks .
we were all so happy when we knew we won!
Started a bit late then the rest of the teams because when we were not yet ready, they press the horn already. But nvermind, we charge only.
We kept shouting and my throat hurts.
After getting on land, we wanted to yam seng together.
in the end we took the bottles and pour water on each other .
hahas, I bet everyone enjoyed.
spam take pictures with the team.
Back to school to meet the rest there.
dropped by town for selegie beancurd again !
Wah damn shiok
And we saw grace there. Like ke suddenly lor .
Appear from nowhere.
Eat already and faster go meet them for dinner.
Happy meal!
I’m okay with jokes but sometimes there is a limit to it.
Don’t take it for granted .


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