Day 38 & 39- Salonpas please!

Day 38

After yesterday’s training, i get all our muscles ache like shit.

Was at db training yestd.
Pool and at kallang.
The sun power ! Very like ke hot .
But i think after yesterday, we kinda got the feel already bahs .
Although it was tiring, But very fruitful =D
Jiayous !
My and ah-ho took 2 hours! to from kallang to woodlands!
we left there around 8 plus and reach home 10 plus . wahlao, super pekcek .
Day 39
Today headed to bedok to watch the Sava Race.
But when we reach there, i think the heats ended and we left for ikea cause the race will only start hours later. Charmaine is considering of buying a bed so we went around looking. They all ah, the butt like stucked to the beds. Must pull them up then can one.
I today red alert already.
Happy and sad.
Happy is that it will end before regatta and sad cause it’s painful lurhs .
I’m feeling very sleepy now.
But 10 plus only nia.
Nevermind, I shall sing myself a lullaby.
Every time I look at the ticker, I feel very excited laaaa.


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