Day 36 – Gives me hope.

Was supposed to have sea training today.

But it was postponed to friday after pool training.
I know it’s gonna be though but I looking forward to it .
Race is coming soon toos.
I think I’ve been saying this for like many times in my previous entries.
I was chatting with Kacey the other day and she mentioned this website to me.
It’s something like FML (I bet everyone knows )
Personally I think that this is quite heartwarming and yeah … So why not just pop down and take a look.
It gives you hope.
I like this one in particular.
Other people’s boyfriends take them out for elaborate meals, and buy them Tiffany bracelets. My boyfriend, though, is eighteen, lives by himself, goes to school, pays rent and has no money. Our dates are nights in with movies. When I see him going through his change jar to treat me to some chocolate, it makes me wanna cry. His love GMH.” From

“When my mother would walk home from work, she would always give a few dollars to a homeless man. One day, he noticed she was pregnant, shook his head, and said “Keep it for the baby.” From that day forth he refused to accept her money. She was pregnant with me, and if I knew who he was, I’d take him out to dinner. People like him GMH. ” From


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