Day 34 – Regattatatatatatatata .

Hello people .

I see alot of “To my beloved Centurions ” email in my inbox.
I kinda love this to see how we the yellow SLs (opps :x)
managed to get so attached to each other.
I got a feeling , that this redcamp6 gonna be a good one, that this redcamp6 gonna be a good good one.
Went for regatta training just now .
Today was woah . Mirah managed to run many(at least to me ) rounds today .
Crazy dosage of star jumps, crunches, push-ups and is many many kinds of push up .
My ankle is going omg omg omg.
I feel that there is cloud above me .
Went for lunch and them pool training by NPDB.
I guess we were considered still not bad right ?
Jiayou team.
Stayed back for a while and just dipped into the pool while the lecturers were rowing there.
After them, we just rowed a little cause our rowing actions was still not very good and fast .
Dinner and home .
Dad wants to get a crumpler for me ! Woah i so happy .
Actually not really is for me. He say after buying we can share .
But i think I’ll be the one who keeps on using it.
My muscles ache like what and my butt …super pain.
Should get a seat pad manxz . I don’t want my butt to have baaluukoo.

HAHA, that song is stucked in my head.

They keep bullying me especially daren!
You watch out laaaa, the pot calling the kettle black .
Herh !
On a lighter note, It’s only 8 MORE DAYS before they come back !
and we are drawing soon to the competition date.
I’m loving this sport. I hate the physical stuffs.
But no pain no gain .

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