Day 29 & 30

Day 29- Break camp
Overall, I think this SL camp is quite successful and better than last year i think.
The food was awesome . Esp breakfast. We had carrot cake and siew mai . how great is camp breakfast.
I get to know awesome people.
I get to learn awesome cheers .
I get to learn many things from this short 3 days .

Went back home and took a little nap .
Zoom off to driving. So sian lurh stimulator .
ask me why 2 second-rule . And i replied :” Cause the book says so”
He went -.-
ask me how to treat the tester like . And i replied: ” Treat him like gps”
He went -.- X 987654312345
Esther waited for me awhile and we were sitting at the waiting area looking at people practicing .
Skipped my btl . Too tired .

Day 30 – Me myself also not sure .
Driving today was good although i kept forgetting some stuffs like releasing the handbrake and etc . Learned vertical parking and slope today . And vertical parking I never strike pole or mount kerb sia. Feels so accomplished.
Today the instructor very funny and nicee.
He said : “Actually your skills not bad. I dunno if it’s me good at teaching or you are good”
So i said: ” WE BOTH ARE GOOD 😀 “
He laughed like mad sia .

Actually i did a very dumb mistake.
I was like kanchiong-ing today .Depress the pedal and was wondering why the car not moving .
Wah i totally like one spider. Then i realised , I never put gear. -.- dumb enough .

Bought some ingredients and cooked my own lunch 😀

We had a mini htht today.
Sister, I’ll tell you if there’s anything going on.


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