Day 24 – Terror.

Went for training and everyone was late.

The weather damn hot.
I’m like more black now . And i dont want laaaa.
Campus run and 2 rounds track, inclines, and pool.
I like the pool training manx, cause it’s like damn hot and we’ve got the water to cool us down .
Damn wet. All went back to clubhouse to take our stuffs and went bath.
Wanted to go lunch actually.
But then i realize like no time already cause I’ve got driving.
Chiong down laa.
Today i finish all my stage 2 .
Can go book tp already 🙂
Now i feel damn tired.
Is shag sia.
See I nowadays like everytime very early sleep. Cause never really talk to talk online. seemed so busy at china :((
My eye rings are disappearing to make way for puffy eyes.
I feel very…….. now .
Those dotted lines represents a lot of idk
I miss girls toos 😦
Jiamei’s birthday coming . But i think I cant go for her celebration laa.
Got camp sia 😦
Shit laa , seriously, Idk why everytime always clash.
I’m afraid one day I’ll forget all those memories.
That’s why i kept looking out .

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