Day 23 – My oasis .

Drving in the morning.
Met janice at bbdc and we went for lunch .
Back to school for meeting and driving again.
I know very chiong la .
But i think this is the best time.
Cause when school starts, then it will be like very taxing with school work, studies and society stuffs.
Since they are at china and I’m still considered like “free” .
Faster finish better la .

I’m gonna complete like stage 2 soon and I can go book tp already.
lai ah lai .

ran a little today.
Borrowed my dad shoes.
Only like 1 round.
damn not comfy sia the shoes .

my purse is failing me.
Anyone nicee to get me ??

I need to pray harder. hahas

456 hours.
27360 minutes.
1641600 seconds.


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