Day 21- I’m feeling really damn tired.

I’m feeling damn tired today.
Had driving for like 100 mins X 3 session = 300 minutes = 5 hours of driving today.
Wahlan, can even reach KL i think.
And i spend 3 hours travel to and fro from BBDC and home.
totally 8 hours.
spend 3 hours at home in total.
from morning till night.
see a lot of familiar face-s.
and also tan si chin janice.! she like shout my name, and i really chua tio.
We funny lurh, we keep seeing each other cause our sessions are like alternate.
So i finish , she go. She finish , then it’s my turn.

I feel damn giddy now.
And i think by the time i get my license, my legs will become damn muscular !
After the 3th session, i came out from the car with soggy legs.
Took bus home and i totally stared into empty space. TOTALLY.

My stomach hurts now.
Very pain!

I miss girls <3.
I miss them too.


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