Day 17 – Regatta [Row,row,row our boat]

hello peeps.

I almost like died today .
Went for db training.
I guess I’m still not too used to it.
Cause The last time i did Physical training was like when i was in volleyball .
Did a little rowing, just the momentum.
And I still dunno which side rower I am.
Did weights too. All the mirah-brand muscles are like aching.
The funny thing is i managed to do like 10 incline pull-ups.
But idk why i sec school when there is so much training and I can’t do a single one.
I feel quite accomplished . Only on the weights part.
not running.
Hello hello kitty, play with us today.
They are going on cruise.
So shiok lurh.
And visiting some gorge.
Like ke coolios.
I need my beauty sleep.

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