Day 16 – GoodMood day !

I had to stay at home and look after my sick brother.

Ran a little bit this afternoon.
It’s a miracle.
Tommorrow I’m starting my dragonboat training already .
Die, sure die.
But i shall perservere.
Been practising my guitar these few days and my fingers hurt like nobody’s business.
oh ya and i forgotten something.
The other day when we went ubin exploring for new places,
we saw like wild boars man !
4 of them !
the mother still stop there and like diao us , then the kids runs off.
wah ubin’s wildboar super guailan sia.
I think if convert to human language, it will be …
“you not happy ah , see what see, never see wild boar before ah”
seriously ah , damn guai lan .
such a arrogant wildboar.
but we didn’t take any photos of them cause like all happenned to fast already.
and we saw beautiful rabbit also .
But i pity them.
The mess tin that is contains their drinking water, is like algae-ish lurh !
Mainland rabbit’s are soooo much fortunate.
they got the china wuhan thingy , we got the singapore ubin banner toos

new band, S Club 8.
i think quite got the feel lei .
i love boat rides =D
cute rabbit.

my hair, idk why i like this photo so much althought it’s like only hair.
this is damn cool . it’s a car exhaust .
I’m so gonna put this next time on my car .!!!

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