Day 15- My life hasn’t been the same since day 0 .

Mood: dissapointed
Song playing : Going Crazy -Natalie

My butt hurts alot alot alot!

Spend my wonderfull wednesday at Ubin.
I had fun there.
It would have been better if they were with us .
today, I realised that wenjie really like uncle.
He is a combination of alvin and yongjie.
I came across this song.
Going Crazy by Natalie Brown.
Lemme paste the lyrics here.
Ever since the day you went away and left me lonely and cold
My life just hasn’t been the same ohh baby, nooo
When I looked into your eyes the moment that I let you go
I just broke down
Rest of the lyrics go google youself
Must go listen okays !!!!
Damn niceeee!
I walked in the rain today because there was no shelter.
And now I’m having a bad headache.
I feel so scammed now.
The 20bucks prepaid card has gone to waste cause it won’t ring at all.

Underneath masks, I feel so empty, alone at times.

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