Day 13- Messages.

I didn’t go for the inaug today.

Wasn’t feeling very well, I think it’s food poisoning.
Have been running to the toilet.
I think i’ll rest at home first cause I’ve got test later.

I’m gonna be the yellow ranger again !

I have y-e-l-l-o-w in my h-e-a-r-t.

And great, RongRong is the same group as me too !
And I heard from Hafiz most of them are familiar faces like adin, jiaw, agnes,ben,chu, khai,ruth and many more.
I’m suddenly looking forward to camp!
And I realize I’ve got like 2 camps within this short holiday.
And I too realize they are coming back from WUHAN SOON!
I miss them very much!

And I’m like gonna start work soon?
Anyone wanna buy contact lens look for me (=
Bausch and Lomb.

AND AND AND ! I passed my FTT !

Blog’s been pretty mundane,
So I shall put photos.
Taken the other day.

stupid wire.

My love, sticky with my new bottle .

Apparently I failed in the I’m-in-a-garden-feel .

happy girl with sticky.

Happier !


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