Day 5-Messages on this cutboards.

I love these message on this cutboards.

I found it on the net and decide to like post all of them .
But now there’s smth wrong with the link, so must remove.
I was at chinatown yestd. Secret mission. Opps.
They went to get thier prepaid cards to message their bfs in China now.
See them like ke happy womanxz. envy. hahas .
Went back to school, slack awhile and went for a run.
You know, miracles do happen.
Although I ran abit only. But i shall increase day by day.
That was Day 4 without em.

I’ll do something about it.
And it’s not true that you girls are not in my heart anymore.
You girls are great. Dont worry.
I love/miss you.

I saw this online. Super nicee ILOVE IT !

I need a new wallet laa.
Maybe this size would be good ! =D
super nice can. I love this bag toossss.
Does anyone wants to get me these ???

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