Day 1- My eyes almost blind.

finally fly off to china already 😦
when they checked-in their luggage, i tried to hold on back to the tears.
then when all of us was like gathering there and saying our goodbyes, i just couldn’t hold em back anymore. Asked me not to cry but i cried louder. i stood there waving goodbye to them.

i don’t know why i kept crying laa.
and after that my brain keeps replaying the scene that they wave bye bye to us . then i will keep crying.

Went to driving after sending them off. I just couldn’t put much attention on it.
Met corrine and jingyin after driving at town. My tears like free one. Anything also can tear.
I know it’s pretty dumb and there’s not a need for me to but I just couldn’t take it back.
Perhaps i’m not used to them leaving me.


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