hello everyone.

i finally finish my papers already and declared holidays.
Had dwa paper today .
left early and went to clubhouse.
we were watching the Singapore Idol episodes on youtube and i swear it was damn funny.
had our meeting and they went for their OIP briefing.
me, ho, tian , belinda and hk went to SU office to collect our jackets
i tell you, i almost got ‘murdered’ by khai.
big bully laa.
me and corrine VS khai and we were talking abt some stuffs and i pop out this line:
” nvm,we younger then him”
wah tio liao lor.
i was sitting on the chair and he go pull my hair!! and go find the pen knife.
wahliew super dangerous can! you all almost lost a goodfriend and devoted-to-her-own-blog blogger.

tried on the windbreaker and i realised i order too big 😦
but nvm still can wear.

after that we went for movie.
Me , Al, Ahtian,Alvin , Mark , KM, Yongjie and Ben
cabbed down to cathay.
watched Final Destination 3D.
but i dunno what’s the show about.
cause me, al , ah tian alvin was chased out from the cinema.
lols hahas, We booked the tickets online and we realised we book on the wrong date which is friday. damn piaseh can. first time laa.
we were still like damn excited over the movie cause it was their 3D virgin experience.
but nvm, we are going back tml to go watch again:)
their ticket was cheaper than us but they kept looking the tickets to find the difference. we couldn’t figure out why.

4 of us went to parklane arcade, our next favourite hideout.
played some games and wait for them to come find us.
Then we go play pool.
aiseh, mirah playing pool sia.
the last time i played was 2 years ago i guess.
me and yongjie tag team ^^
in the end nvr win . hahas ps le la yongjie.
we play pool , Al go tune and he broke all the records !
aiseh not bad =)

me and alvin accompanied al to get his microphone and we trained back home.
wahlao, i now f hungry laaaaa.
likee really.

tml gonna be a long day manxzxz.
Gonna go buy waterbottle, go for practise and BTT, watch FD4 , lina’s chalet and KM’s celebration. OMG ! i can imagine i need to squeeze all those into a day. actually i was supposed to go for meeting. but then lai bu ji le.

i feel like buying one new slippers sia .
mine like ke chui already laaa.

thanks berenice for the birthday present =D

in my favourite shade.

see, can see my shuang xia ba(double chin).omg! yj dunno how to take photo.
the gong 4s. (tian,lim,tan,loh)

and and i’m gonna take part in regatta .
wah wah i so excited can !

I’m really one big blind woman.


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