we’ve still got so much to do.

hot weather again, make me so pekcek can.tsk tsks.
so i wore my bunny shirt .=)

reached school like damn early can.
Al and yongjie was late.
-.- george came after that,and he totally reminded me of the joke they cracked .
hahas, wo yao~~

i finally like abit more confident in fmgt already. wahaha,can say today is a fruitful day.
yays! km,mark,zy came after that and we went for lunch
i had my dosage of ytf. like my energy boosterxzxz. and my QOO drink.
my favourite.
and and and i won mark!

study session round 2.
but i guess it didnt last for long
left awhile after that.

saw huiaun on the bus and we went plaza tgt.
accompanied him to get his mp3.
shiok la.say buy then buy already.
i also want to buy:(

i wanna get a new wallet toos.
but maybbe i dont need to buy already.^^

i wanna watch “Sky of love” again.

i wanna do so many things.

i’m like hungry now again
wth.. go kitchen look for food.

welfare corner
Al, alvin, jerry ,yj and all people who are going for wuhan, please take care of yourselves now kayxzxz . don’t get sick and go have your vaccine done. if not it will be more troublesome.take cares.

signing off,


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